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Why a
Mobile Safari

Sleeping out in the wild, in a tent, on a Botswana mobile safari, without the walkways and permanent structures of a lodge around you, is not for everyone BUT if you are willing to sacrifice a few of the luxuries of a lodge and would like to experience true Africa. In comfort, with your feet on the ground then there are a number of benefits to a mobile safari.


The mobile safari industry is diverse, catering to all forms of tourism from specialized birding, boating, photography and many more. There are also many comfort levels to a mobile safari which makes it possible for companies to tailor make safaris and find niche markets.

Eco Friendly

The mobile industry is the most eco friendly form of tourism Botswana has with a small carbon footprint. We have a policy whereby the only thing we leave behind are footprints. So, immerse yourself in some of Africa’s most pristine wilderness and experience nature in its purest form.


The mobile industry is more personable as guests are with their guide and camp crew for the duration of the safari. This builds a strong bond with guests who often end up returning.


Although there are many different types of mobile safaris generally the group that you book with stays together throughout the safari. This means that you have the camp all to yourselves which is especially good for families who set their own routines and are not restricted by age and can plan their day’s activities on the go, without worrying that you have to be back at the lodge at a certain time for a meal etc. Timings revolve around you, the guest not the other way around.


It is a much more holistic experience where guests get to experience Africa with your feet on the ground giving a genuine feeling of being in Africa as it was hundreds of years ago. Just you and your group, the guide and his camp staff in a private camp, in the middle of some of Africa’s most pristine wilderness.


Itineraries are versatile as a mobile camp can be set up anywhere in Botswana with the correct permissions. Sites can also be changed at the spur of the moment should need be. A lodge on the other hand is permanent and although a mobile safari might not have the luxury it certainly provides an authentic old-style African safari in comfort.

Leave Only

At the heart of our ethos lies the unwavering commitment to “Leave only Footprints” as we explore the untamed beauty of nature.

What Our Clients Say

I had an amazing trip with Safaris2Botswana in October 2022. I was on a 7-day photo safari tour with Chris Dandridge several years before, but I wanted to see more of beautiful Botswana, so I returned with 3 friends for another 7-day tour with emphasis on bird photography. Chris has an amazing eye for spotting birds and wildlife even from extreme distances. He has an uncanny ability to sense what an animal is about to do and positioned our vehicle in the best light and angle to make our images. One late afternoon, we spotted a group of vultures perched high up trees and stopped to photograph them in the afternoon light when Chris heard a hyena. He sensed that having vultures and hyenas meant something interesting was nearby, so he drove to where he heard the hyena sounds and surely enough, we found a leopard with her recently killed impala. Not only was the wildlife amazing but Safaris2Botswana’s hospitality crew were also amazing. Our campsite experience was something I will always remember fondly. The staff provided us with hot showers upon requests, relaxing evening and morning campfires, delicious meals with daily baked bread that I still talk about, and all served with friendly conversations and smiles.

Delsa Anderl

Safaris 2 Botswana
Safaris 2 Botswana

“This was our second time in Botswana with Chris. This time with our kids. Africa is all about sights and sounds and there is not a better way to experience them than in a mobile safari organized by Chris. The sights are like been part of a National Geographic documentary but the sounds especially during the night is something unique that you can only experience in a mobile safari. We definitely recommend the experience and plan to repeat it soon.”

Skouloudis family​

Safaris 2 Botswana
botswana mobile safaris